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Practical Tips!

  • Hang on to your  sense of humour: Sharing a joke can help keep things in perspective!
  • Borrow a few box sets of your favourite TV shows - especially some comedies -  to watch during those first weeks at home.  This can help in the early weeks as you get used to new routines at home with a new baby.
  • If you are planning to take time off around the birth of your baby, it is best to do this when your baby and partner will be going home so that the two of you are around for those early days, getting used to and caring for your baby together, sorting meals, household chores and managing visitors.
  • Any help you are offered with  meals, housework or shopping, take them up; people like to help in practical ways.
  • Try to come up with a plan so that you are both getting some decent sleep.  Everything is more manageable if you are not too sleep deprived.  Maybe take it in turns to settle baby to sleep after breastfeeding so each of you get a chance to get an earlier night.
  • Try to make sure mum is getting a chance to catch up on sleep - taking baby out for a walk can give mum time for a nap.
  • As your baby gets into a routine, you could take night time baby care in turns and support your partner to settle baby following breastfeeds.
  • Naps are also a great way to meet sleep needs; maybe one of you takes over while the other takes a nap.  You can relax and sleep when you know your baby is being cared for.
  • Give each other some space; take over whatever needs doing while the other goes for a walk, run or even something as simple as a shower.
  • Be aware of and discuss what you each need and work towards trying to meet those needs.  Family works best with co-operation rather than competition