Meeting Your Baby

Fetal Assessment Scan

The first image you will probably have of your baby is at the fetal assessment scan appointment.  Click here to read more about the fetal assessment scan.


Meeting your baby

In the vast majority of cases, babies emerge into the world wet, slightly blue and crying vigorously!

The baby is placed in skin to skin contact on their mother's chest immediately following birth for at least an hour.

Babies need to be dried off fairly quickly as they lose body heat faster while they are wet.  Normally, the baby will have skin to skin contact with mum while the midwife attending your baby's birth will cut the umbilical cord and do an overall examination of the baby to ensure all is well.  Later the baby is weighed and the midwife will put a nappy on the baby and return them to mum and dad.  This is a great time for the baby to have skin to skin contact time with mum and dad.