Settling Your Baby

Dealing with your baby crying can be frustrating!

• Trying to figure out what is causing them to be upset can be tricky at first. 
• First of all, calm your baby by talking to them, letting them know you're there; make soothing noises like humming or singing softly; ask what the matter is; this helps settle the baby, reassures them (and you) and gives you a chance to work/talk through the reasons why your baby may be upset and set about sorting it out.

Some reasons why your baby may be crying or upset:
•  They are hungry/ thirsty.
•  They need a nappy change.
•  They have wind.
•  They are cold/ too hot.
•  They have been startled by noise/ handling/ dream.
•  They just want your company.
•  They want to lie down to sleep.

Have some background noise on, like a radio playing softly, especially in the daytime.  This will help baby distinguish between day and night as well.  Babies are used to having sounds and can be less easily disturbed if they are used to a certain level of background noise.

Chat to your baby, just about what you are doing or about anything at all.  You will be putting in place the foundations for good communication with you baby at a very early stage.  You will be surprised at how your baby will respond to your voice and chat!

  • For more information and tips on how to deal with your baby crying click on this linkThis HSE link also has some information on dealing with babies with Colic and weaning baby onto solid foods.


Your baby's needs are simple; they need food, sleep and comfort.

Food; Baby needs regular frequent feeding - their stomachs are really small so they get full quickly.

Sleep; Newborn babies sleep 16 to 18 hours out of the 24.  At about 2 months of age, they sleep 14 to 16 hours in the 24.  Your baby will sleep near you, usually in a cot or basket.  You might want to have somewhere for the baby to sleep in your living area and bedroom so that baby is near you.  It is best for your baby to lie down for their long naps and night- time sleeps, rather than spending too much time sitting in a car seat or buggy.

Check out safe sleep for baby on the HSE website.

Try not to get into the habit of staying with your baby until they fall asleep.  If you do, your baby will depend on you being there in order for them to fall asleep, rather than being able to fall asleep on their own.  You can pop back to check on your baby and comfort them if they cry.

Comfort; Your baby loves to be cuddled, held and talked to.  They also like to be comfortably warm, with a dry nappy to sleep.  Skin to skin contact with your baby is a good way to settle your baby, click on the link for a short video on how to do skin to skin and the benefits of it for you and your baby.