Purchasing & Supplies

The Purchasing and Supplies Department are responsible for supplying all equipment, goods and services requested by departments with the exception of pharmaceutical and laboratory items. There is a total of seven staff assigned to the department and the functions include Procurement, Stock Management and Warehouse Management.

All company representatives must first call to this department for authorisation to visit specific areas in the hospital.

The Purchasing & Supplies Department is located in the basement of the hospital and operated from Monday to Friday as follows:

Purchasing:                            08.30 - 13.30   14.00 - 16.00
Stores (Goods Inwards):    08.00 - 12.30   13.00 - 15.00


Contact Details
Purchasing Office:(01) 637 3143






A joint tendering arrangement is in place between The National Maternity Hospital and The Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital - known collectively as The Dublin Maternity Hospital Group (DMHG).


Useful Links
All tenders are advertised on www.etenders.gov.ie/search/Search_AuthProfile.aspx