Information for Women

If your problem is an acute emergency (such as very heavy bleeding or severe pain) then you are welcome to contact us directly or to attend our emergency service . Please check in with reception so as they can best direct you to the appropriate area. If your problem is so acute that you need to be transported to the hospital by ambulance then the ambulance staff will accompany you until you are handed over to the care of the hospital. The emergency clinic  is staffed by midwives and doctors but is a very busy area in the hospital and women are triaged as per their acute medical need. Therefore, like most hospital emergency departments, if this is not an acute emergency you will be expected to wait. We are aware that this is a very anxious time for you and we do try to see everyone as quickly as possible, but it is also important to care for the sickest women first. The staff in the emergency department will then decide if you require an assessment in the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU).

If your problem is not an acute emergency then it may be best to discuss this with your GP who will refer you to the hospital if required. Women who have had a previous miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy are given information on how to access an early pregnancy scan in a future pregnancy – if you were cared for somewhere else before and wish to come to us in this pregnancy please contact us to make an appointment. Depending on your gestational age and the indication for the ultrasound, an appointment will be given aiming for the time in the pregnancy where we can get the greatest information – this is usually around seven or eight weeks gestation, but will be individualised to each woman.

Further information can be  found here.