Maternity Referrals

Diabetes Referrals

Recommendations for women who have had any degree of glucose intolerance in a previous pregnancy (GDM/IGT) or women who have Type 1or Type 2 Diabetes and wish to attend The National Maternity Hospital for their pregnancy can be found here.

Perinatal Mental Health Referrals

The Perinatal Mental Health Service offers an assessment and intervention service for any woman attending the hospital whom is suffering from, has suffered from, or is at a significant risk of developing mental health problems during her pregnancy or in the post partum period eg. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression or major anxiety, eating disorders, etc. This can include women who are suffering emotional and psychological difficulties following a normal birth or following miscarriage, stillbirth or other unsuccessful pregnancy outcomes.

Consideration will also be given to women who have complex emotional or social needs and require pre-conceptual advice.

  • We accept referrals for up to six months postnatally
  • We do not provide a general counselling service.
  • It is essential that referrers are aware that the service does not have the capacity to accept emergency walk in outpatients.
  • The team are available for telephone advice/consultation regarding medication etc.
  • Emergency referrals are to be referred to their local catchment mental health service or Emergency    Department/Liaison psychiatric service.

The team consists of a Consultant Psychiatrist, Mental Health Nurse and administratvie support. Both the Consultant Psychiatrist and the Mental Health Nurse are only in the hospital  on a part-time basis.

How to refer?

Referrals can be posted or faxed to the Perinatal Mental Health Service. Referrals are screened by a clinician on a daily basis and appointments are posted to the patients directly. We do not accept self-referrals.

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