Staff Education

Multidisciplinary skills and drills (every three months)

The aim is to run a skills and drills (S & D) session for midwifery, obstetrics and anaesthesia staff every three months with a practical drill in obstetric emergencies. The usual format is to cover major obstetric haemorrhage, eclampsia, shoulder dystocia, arrest and sepsis in each of these sessions. In order to be able to run the sessions requires the input of five consultants (two anaesthesia, three obstetrics) and five senior midwives, as well as releasing NCHDs, midwives and nurses from busy clinical duties. Coordinating trainers on days where NCHDs may be freed up is a continual challenge. In 2014 we ran 4 sessions. Feedback from participants is overwhelmingly positive, with all sessions being rated usually “very good” or “excellent”.

Skills and Drills (weekly)

A weekly session on S & D is held every Thursday at 7:30am for all clinicians able to attend. The participants are usually obstetric Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs), averaging 90% attendance. Similar topics to the three monthly sessions are reviewed.

Ireland East Meeting

The Ireland East meeting in January 2015 was very popular (100 attendees from all four obstetric units in the region) and well received. The Ireland East meeting for 2016 will be on the topic of Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring and will take place in Spring 2016.

Open Disclosure

Seven members of staff are now completed 'train the trainers' in Open Disclosure (OD). Other members of senior staff have completed the four-hour training session in OD, and the aim is to train all senior staff in OD. To start with, however, the committee members have decided to run a series of one-hour training workshops on the principles of OD, which started in August and will run on a weekly basis. To date, 200 members of staff have been trained.