What to expect when I arrive at hospital

Please check in at reception in the front hall where you will be accompanied to the Admissions Office. From there you will be escorted to the delivery ward.


There are 10 rooms in the delivery ward, 9 individual rooms, one twin room and an assessment room. These rooms are designed to provide an environment that is relaxing and as personal as possible. It is important that you feel calm and secure, both during the delivery and after when contact between mother and baby is established. Through our work we want to provide the conditions for the best start as possible for you, your partner and your new baby.


On admission to Delivery Ward a midwife will be allocated to your care. She will carry out simple checks to ensure you and your baby are well.

A vaginal examination will be preformed in Delivery Ward. Although you may be having regular contractions, this examination to assess your cervix is the only way to determine if you are in active labour.

If you are not in labour a plan of care will be made for you. This may involve sending you home or you may be kept in hospital for further assessment.



Your baby’s heart beat will be monitored during labour. Sometimes it is necessary to monitor your baby’s heart beat continuously- this is called a cardiotocograph (CTG). Your midwife will explain when continuous fetal monitoring is thought to be necessary.


Vitamin K/Konakion

All babies are born with low levels of Vitamin K. In the first few days of life a Vitamin K deficiency may be life threatening but can be prevented by administering Vitamin K at birth. The current practice at the NMH is that all babies receive Vitamin K by injection within the first few hours of life. The consultant pediatricians working in the hospital strongly recommend that Konakion is given by injection. The parents of healthy infants in low-risk categories can choose between oral Vitamin K or Vitamin K by injection . If given orally, follow up doses are required, and parents are responsible for administering these.