When should I come to hospital?

If you think you have a problem, for example:
  • you have severe headaches
  • visual disturbances your fingers and feet become very swollen

Then ring the hospital and ask to speak to a doctor or midwife. Whenever possible please ring yourself so that accurate information can be obtained. If you are worried or unsure at any time about your pregnancy, please do not hesitate to contact the hospital, day or night on (01) 637 3100.

If your baby’s movements are reduced you must come into hospital.
  • It is very important to have an awareness of your baby’s movements and you must come straight to hospital if you feel your baby’s movements are less than normal for you.
  • Always remember to bring your chart with you at each visit to the hospital.
If you have any bright red, period like bleeding you must present to hospital.
  • Bleeding in pregnancy is not normal and must be reported.
If your waters break you should come to hospital for assessment.
  • It is necessary to confirm that your waters are gone, to check the colour of the liquor, to record your baby’s heartbeat and make a plan for your baby’s birth
If you think you are in labour.
  • If you have strong, painful, regular contractions you should make your way into hospital. If labour is not yet established you may be asked to return home. This decision will be based on the findings of a thorough examination.

You do not need to ring in advance to say you are presenting to the hospital.
If however you need advice, do not hesitate to call & ask to speak to a midwife on 01 6373100.

Important: Always remember to bring your chart with you at each visit to the hospital.