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Semi-Private Care

If you choose to be a Semi-private patient you will be seen by the same Obstetrician for all your visits other than when the Obstetrician is on leave or tending to an emergency.  Visits will alternate with your GP under the combined care scheme and your GP will see you for your six week postnatal check up unless you have been requested to attend the hospital.

If you are admitted to hospital before labour your care will be under the supervision of the Obstetrician on duty that day.  Similarly, your care in labour and also in the postnatal period will be under the supervision of the Obstetrician on duty that day.

Please click here for the list of fees for Semi-private care.

Please be advised to book as early as possible if you have a particular consultant you wish to see, to avoid disappointment. Below is the list of doctors and the days they sit, all Semi-Private doctors clinics are in the afternoon.

Day Consultant

Dr. Laoise O'Brien

Dr. Jenny Walsh


Dr. Gerard Agnew

Dr. Peter McParland


Dr. Michael Robson


Dr. Stephen Carroll

Dr. Sarah Campbell


Dr James Postle

Dr Nita Adnan

The Semi-Private Clinic opens from Monday-Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm.

To book in please contact: (01) 637 3537 or spc@nmh.ie