Early Pregnancy Assessment

We are aware that some women may have problems in early pregnancy that may require our help. Having a positive pregnancy test can open up many emotions. If you have bleeding or pain, or if you have had problems in early pregnancy previously then you may need our support before you even formally book for care in the hospital. This section aims to give you information that can help you at this time, so that you know how best to access the services that are available to you and how we can support you at this time.

Please note the following:
- The Ultrasound / Fetal Assessment / Fetal Medicine / Early Pregnancy Assessment / Gynaecological Ultrasound services have been relocated to the second floor of the hospital.

- Your partner or one other person may accompany you to your scan appointment but for health and safety reasons, children are not permitted.

- Recording devices are not permitted

Information for Women

Information for Medical Professionals