Your Baby's Scan

The Fetal Medicine Unit is where you will be seen for the ultrasound scan of your baby.  It is run by midwives, specialist sonographers and doctors. At your booking visit you will be given an appointment for a routine scan which is performed at around  22 weeks gestation. You may require further scans depending on your clinical needs. These will be arranged by the midwives and doctors involved in your care. 
The National Maternity Hospital also provides a referral service for maternal and fetal high risk pregnancies. We receive referrals from every obstetric department in the country. The service is provided by 5 sub-specialists in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

We hold daily fetal medicine clinics attended by a fetal medicine specialist.  Consequently we can usually see urgent referrals within 24-48 hours of referral. 

Please note the following:
- The Ultrasound / Fetal Assessment / Fetal Medicine / Early Pregnancy Assessment / Gynaecological Ultrasound services have been relocated to the second floor of the hospital.

- There are limited waiting facilities in the Clinics; therefore if you can avoid bringing children with you it would be appreciated.

- Recording devices are not permitted

Fetal Medicine Services available:

  • Early Pregnancy Assessment
  • Prenatal Diagnosis: first trimeseter screening and fetal anomaly scanning in first and second trimester
  • Fetal echocardiography including input from Paediatric Cardiology
  • Invasive Tests: Amniocentesis, Chorion Villus Sampling, Cordocentesis
  • Fetal Therapy: Insertion of bladder or chest shunts, fetal blood transfusion
  • Rhesus Disease Management
  • Management of mulitiple pregnancy, including complicated monochorionic twins, laser ablation for twin to twin transfusion syndrome
  • Placental insufficiency assessment (growth, maternal and fetal Dopplers)

 Tel: (01) 637 3217 or (01) 637 3218

Merrion Fetal Health

Merrion Fetal Health is located at No. 60 Lower Mount St just adjacent to The National Maternity Hospital.  This facility operates under the same guidelines and governance of the National Maternity Hospital and is for fee paying patients.

Women attending as semi-private patients will have their anomaly (big) scan performed here.