Labour & Delivery

It is the hospital’s philosophy to facilitate a positive birth experience in a friendly environment resulting in a happy healthy mother and baby. The labour ward is managed by a team of experienced midwives who provide midwifery care in partnership with the woman and in collaboration with doctors and other healthcare professionals. We recognise that giving birth is a unique and special time for each couple. We want you to feel safe, supported, confident and totally involved in all aspects of your care. We aim to provide one to one care from a dedicated midwife once labour is established so you are never left alone during this critical time.
We strongly recommend that you attend antenatal classes. If you know what is likely to happen during labour and delivery you’ll feel more relaxed and in control of what is actually happening. However if there’s anything worrying you about what’s happening or if there is something you don’t understand just ask. It is our job to make sure you feel relaxed and confident about what is going on.
It is difficult to say precisely when labour will begin for each individual woman but you should be aware that labour can occur earlier than your due date. It is important that you are prepared for your admission to our hospital. You should have your hospital bag packed and ready before your estimated due date.

IMPORTANT: If you carry your hospital chart, it should be brought with you, to hospital at all times.