Online Booking

Please note this form is sent to our Central Booking Office and is for Online bookings only. If you have a different query, please view our Contacts & Quick Links page.

Patients who are interested in booking onto the Community Midwives 'Domino' Scheme must contact them directly prior to booking to check availability. Tel (01) 637 3177.

If you are currently under 12 weeks gestation and would like to book your pregnancy online, please complete the following form.

If you are over 12 weeks gestation, have an underlying medical condition or had diabetes in your last pregnancy, please send in a GP Referral letter and we will register you as you will most likely be cared for in a specialist clinic.

The National Maternity Hospital is part of 'The National Healthlink Programme' which provides a web-based messaging service allowing the secure transmission of clinical patient information between the hospital and most GPs. By giving us your GP details, secure messages about your care can be sent to your GP

If so, please specify your previous address and/or if your name has changed so we can assign you your previous hospital number.

Please click here for information on patient category options