Antenatal Education & Pregnancy Support

Antenatal Education

Childbirth is a unique event in a woman’s life and generally has a happy outcome. Antenatal Education carried out in a caring and supportive manner plays an enormous role in alleviating the fears and anxieties associated with pregnancy and delivery. It promotes confidence in mothers and their partners to meet the challenge of childbirth and early parenting. Our aim is to support you through the process of pregnancy and delivery, by providing accurate information regarding labour and delivery. We want you to look forward to the birth of your baby; it is really the best day of your life.

The National Maternity Hospital offers a range of classes for you during your pregnancy. They are run as a team effort with the specialised knowledge and skills of the midwife, physiotherapist and dietitian. There are classes also for second or subsequent pregnancies, for mothers who have had a vaginal birth, and for mothers who have had a caesarean birth. There are also classes for mothers expecting more than one baby and a separate class for teenagers. There is one yoga course running per week in the hospital. Early booking is advisable especially for evening classes.

Early Pregnancy Class

There is an Early Pregnancy Class held  here in the Lecture Theatre every Wednesday at 1.30pm - 3pm, no booking is necessary and partners are also very welcome.  This class is most beneficial up to week 20.

All our classes are held in 65-66 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2.

First Time Parents Antenatal Classes

We recommend starting these between 28 and 32 weeks.  Most of our courses run for five consecutive weeks and one hour per class.  They run Monday to Friday and mostly during the day at 11am; 2pm or 3.15pm.  The evening courses run at 5.30pm and there is a charge of €80 per couple for the course.  We also run a two week Monday course at 8.30am until 12.30pm.  Early booking is essential for the classes.


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Healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of developing Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that can affect women during pregnancy. There are many risk factors for developing gestational diabetes and every woman should be aware of their own risk factor, if any.

However the key thing you can do to reduce your risk is to maintain a healthy weight by eating healthily and keeping active.

Please follow the link below to identify your risk and for advice on keeping healthy lifestyle in pregnancy. 

Useful Downloads
  Reduce Your Risk of Developing Gestational Diabetes