Maternal & Newborn – Clinical Management System

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Introduction of an Electronic Patient Record at the National Maternity Hospital


The National Maternity Hospital is currently in the process of implementing the Maternal & Newborn Clinical Management System (MN-CMS), a new electronic health record (EHR) that will be implemented in all 19 public hospital facilities providing maternity services. This system will ‘Go-Live’ at the National Maternity Hospital on 13th January 2018. During this time we kindly ask for your patience as the duration of your clinic visit may increase slightly as our staff transition.

Implementation of MN-CMS in the National Maternity Hospital

Prior to the introduction of MN-CMS health care records mainly consist of paper records. Documentation of care is mostly performed by writing in a paper chart and putting various documents (correspondence from GPs, laboratory reports with test results etc.) into the chart. The new electronic chart will ensure clinical information is easily accessible for your care team. Doctors, midwives, nurses and other clinicians involved in your care will be able to quickly access the latest test results, order required tests, prescribe medications and check your medical history. As this is National System information recorded as part of the delivery of care for you and your baby will be accessible in other Maternity Hospitals using the Electronic system should you or your baby attend for care in one of the other centres.

Benefits of Introducing MN-CMS

Electronic health records improve communication, safety, efficiency, patient-centeredness, effectiveness & timeliness of care and also support clear documentation of information using a simple format.

This ensures critical information is available to all users of the system in a clear and confidential manner, and is easy to find. In the long term this will reduce the time it takes for clinical staff to find relevant information, and to document the care they provide – giving them more time to spend with you.

What does this mean for mothers and newborn babies at National Maternity Hospital?

- Each mother and baby will have their own individual electronic health record allowing staff providing care to you access to your healthcare information – paper records will no longer be used.
- Test results will automatically file to your record
- Increased safety features which will improve overall standards of care
- Secure sharing of mother’s and baby’s information with those who need it including other Maternity Hospitals using the MN-CMS Programme

Please do not hesitate to discuss this further with your midwife/Dr if you have any questions or concerns.

Detailed Information Leaflet is available here OR ask a staff member for a printed copy.