Neonatal Unit

Premature or unwell newborn babies are cared for in our specialized neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Our neonatal service is a recognized centre of excellence and takes referrals for acutely ill and pre-term babies from across the country.  We care for approximately 1,300 babies each year.

Babies require admission to the neonatal unit for a number of reasons.  Babies born preterm or with a low birth weight will require careful monitoring.  Some full-term newborns may have health problems such as infection, jaundice, difficulty in breathing, cardiac or surgical problems that require specialized care.

We have a 35 bed Level 3 NICU consisting of three wards and an isolation area.  Babies are cared for by paediatric consultants, registrars and specially trained neonatal nurses

If your baby requires surgical intervention a transfer can be arranged to the appropriate paediatric hospital for treatment.


Useful Information
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