CervicalCheck has established a network of quality assured colposcopy clinics in the event that you will require further investigation following your smear test. You can be referred to one of 15 colposcopy clinics located nationwide as part of The National Cervical Screening Programme and The National Maternity Hospital is one of those clinics.

The vast majority of women screened as part of The National Cervical Screening Programme will only require smear tests. A small minority (two to five per cent) of all women screened will require further investigation or treatment through a colposcopy service.

Appointments will only be made on receipt of a referral letter from your smear-taker. These referrals are reviewed by the clinician and an appropriate appointment date will be sent to you. Your referring centre will also be notified.

Referral Criteria

Based on NCSS guidelines, Abnormal Smears - Referral to colposcopy if:

  • Three borderline smears
  • Two non normal smears including one with mild dyskaryosis
  • A single smear with moderate or severe dyskaryosis or abnormal glandular cell


Referral Form
Cervical Check Referral Form

What should be included in the Referral Letter

  1. A Copy of the smear results
  2. Any previous colposcopy history
  3. Patient contact details including a mobile number
  4. If patient has any special requirements e.g interpreting services

Clinic Details

Monday - Friday
08.30 - 16.00 hrs

Tel: (01) 637 3454 or (01) 637 3484
Fax: (01) 6373191