Patient Charges

Patient Accounts Office

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If you choose to be a private or semi-private patient, you are liable for all costs associated with your maternity care at The National Maternity Hospital. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that you will be offered a single room during your stay.

Please check your with your Health Insurance Company to ensure you are covered for all costs incurred during your stay. Click here to see a number of questions that may clarify your Maternity cover ensuring you are not billed personally for any outstanding costs.

Please click here to view Maternity Fees

Accommodation rates increase yearly on 1st January and there is also a possible yearly increase in medical fees on the 1st July. The price charged will be applicable to the rate at time of admission. In addition, anaesthetic, pathology and radiology consultant fees will be payable where applicable. Important note regarding your admission to hospital as a Private / Semi-Private Patient.

 Direct Payment Insurance Companies

  • VHI
  • Laya
  • GLO
  • Garda Medical Aid - Patient must foward invoices to company for direct payment
  • ESB Medical Provident Scheme - Patient must foward invoices to company for direct payment
  • Prison Officers Medical Aid - Patient must foward invoices to company for direct payment

The National Maternity operates a direct payment system with all of the above. 

Please check your policy to ensure you have full cover for all bills prior to being admitted into hospital. Patients who are not covered by private medical insurance are responsible for the payment of all fees that may occur.