Spiritual Care and Bereavement Support

We provide spiritual and emotional support to patients and their family members.

We accompany patients and their families in their experiences of loss, through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, encouraging the expression of feelings in meaningful ways. We offer practical support around funeral arrangements. We also accompany women experiencing gynaecological loss.

Sacramental and pastoral care is available to all. We also offer blessings for new babies, naming ceremonies, baptism and funeral services when required.

Services in the Chapel

Mass is celebrated on Sundays at 8.30am. Holy Communion is brought to the bedside on Sundays after Mass and by request. Other services are arranged as needed.

The Chapel is located on the first floor at the top of the stairs. Everyone is welcome to visit for quiet moments of prayer and reflection. The Chaplaincy Department is located on the same floor.

The Annual Remembrance Service

This service is held annually for the parents and their families whose babies have died at the National Maternity Hospital. The service takes place in the St. Andrew’s Church, Westland Row. The National Maternity Hospital Annual Service of Remembrance will take place on Sunday 2nd October 2016 at 3pm in the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin 2. This is a very healing and meaningful experience and all are very welcome.

The Book of Remembrance

 …every life that ever forms or ever comes to be touches the world in some small way for all eternity . . .

Parents are invited to have their babies’ names entered in this book which is on view daily in the Hospital Oratory. Forms are available in the Oratory or can be obtained by contacting the chaplains.


Contact Details
Telephone: (01) 637 3121
(01) 637 3241 - Sacristy
 Bleeps: (01) 637 3100 (bleep 080 or 131)
 Chaplain on duty: 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday


For non urgent calls a message can be left on voicemail at (01) 637 3121.

Ministers from other religions are contactable on request (contact details at the Front Desk and on Chaplaincy Notice Board near the Oratory, 1st Floor).