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The loss of a pregnancy by miscarriage, still birth or neonatal death is devastating to a family, particularly if it is a sudden and unexpected event. Providing an empathetic sensitive and caring environment to support couples and their families following a pregnancy loss is now an accepted part of maternity services. The National Maternity Hospital realises the importance of supporting parents and their families during pregnancy loss. If you have experienced bereavement, the bereavement support midwife, Chaplin and clinical staff work closely together as part of a multidiciplinary team.


Bereavement Symbol
The National Maternity Hospital has introduced the bereavement symbol which was developed by the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme. The symbol is inspired by ancient Irish history and is not associated with any one religious or denomination.
The sign will be placed outside as the room as the aim is to make all staff aware that sensitivity is required, to create a quiet atmosphere and to minimise any unnecessary disturbance for a family who have experienced a bereavement.



Bereavement Support Midwives

The bereavement support midwives will provide on-going practical and emotional support to you and your partner following your loss. We work closely with all clinical staff involved in your care in order to provide you with support that is empathetic, while enabling you to take some positive memories away from one of the most traumatic and difficult times of your life.

We organise follow up care at the appropriate clinic where you will be seen by a senior doctor/consultant and the bereavement liaison midwife. We will counsel you in relation to results of investigations, issue you with stillbirth/death certificates, and post-mortem results if applicable.

We facilitate the planning of the medical investigation and clinic appointments for women experiencing three consecutive miscarriages. Our service is available Monday – Friday 08:00-16:00

If you would like to avail of our miscarriage/bereavement support service, please phone 6373225 to make an appointment.

We have produced booklets on Miscarriage, Bereavement, Postmortem and Induction of Labour after your baby has died.

Contact Details
Telephone: (01) 637 3225 (01) 637 3100 (Bleep 187)      

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