Bereavement Chaplain

Spiritual Care and Bereavement Support

We provide spiritual and emotional support to patients their family and staff members.

We provide bereavement chaplaincy support to patients and their families through their unique experience of loss. We offer and provide practical support around funeral arrangements.

Sacramental, spiritual and bereavement support is available to all on request.

Services in the Oratory

Mass is celebrated on Sundays at 8.30am. Holy Communion is brought to the bedside on Sundays after Mass and by request. Other services are arranged as needed.

The Chapel is located on the first floor at the top of the stairs. Everyone is welcome to visit for quiet moments of prayer and reflection. Ministers from other religions are contactable on request .

Contact Details

Helen Miley & Angela Neville Egan
Monday - Friday
08.00 - 16.00hrs
Tel: (01) 637 3121