Ambulatory Gynaecology

Ambulatory Gynaecology at The National Maternity Hospital

The Ambulatory Gynaecology clinic is located on the ground floor of the National Maternity Hospital next to the Gynecology Clinic. Women are referred in by their GPs if they have had postmenopausal bleeding. All referrals are reviewed by a Consultant and an ultrasound scan is arranged. Depending on the results of the scan, an appointment will be sent to the patient if an outpatient hysteroscopy is needed.

At the clinic, a small camera is inserted very gently through the cervix to view the inside of the womb. Sometimes a biopsy is taken. If a polyp is identified, this can either be removed on the day or a return appointment is made to remove it under local anesthetic, thus avoiding general anesthetic.

The clinic also sees women who have difficult to remove mirena coils, uterine abnormalities, infertility and endometrial polyps.

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