Maternity Services & Women’s Health

The dietitians working in maternity & women’s health mainly advise on nutrition in pregnancy.

Below is a list of the various outpatient services offered.

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Early Pregnancy Class

This class is  provided by a midwife, physiotherapist and dietitian. This class provides useful information on what to expect when you are pregnant, plus tips on healthy eating and physical activity.

For whom? Recommended for all pregnant women. Very useful for women attending the hospital with general questions or concerns about nutrition during pregnancy. This class is most useful up to 20 weeks of your pregnancy but you are welcome at any stage of your pregnancy. Partners or parents are welcome too.

How? No booking or referral is needed – just arrive. You can attend this class before you attend your first antenatal clinic appointment.

When? Every Wednesday from 13.30 - 14.45hrs

Where? 65/66 Lower Mount Street (adjacent to main hospital), 1st Floor Lecture Theatre

‘Tús Maith’(‘A Good Start’) Class

This is a group session facilitated by a dietitian. This informal class provides useful information and support for women starting pregnancy with a high body weight. Topics covered include preparing for pregnancy, eating well, staying active and breastfeeding. You will also get printed guides to healthy eating, recipes and snacks.  

For whom?  Women starting pregnancy with a high body weight / body mass index (BMI greater than 25kg/m2).

How? You need to book this class. Ask your hospital doctor, midwife or dietitian to refer you to the ‘Tús Maith’ (‘A Good Start’) class, or contact the dietetic service directly to book a place (see contact details above).  You will be sent a letter with a date and time for your class.

When?  The class is held every month and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Where?  65/66 Lower Mount Street, 1st floor lecture theatre.

If you would like an individual appointment with a dietitian after you have attended the class, please let the dietitian know on the day or contact our department administrator and we will arrange it for you.


Individual Consultations

Individual outpatient appointments and inpatient consultations can be arranged.

For whom? Women with a specific issue that need a dietary assessment or individual advice on nutrition, for example:

  • If you have been very sick and are not managing to eat or drink i.e. hyperemesis
  • If you are a teenager and still growing yourself
  • If you were on a special diet before pregnancy or have special medical needs (e.g. a metabolic disorder such as PKU, cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease) or previous surgery on your stomach or bowel)
  • If you are underweight or not gaining enough weight
  • If you are overweight or gaining too much weight
  • If you have low levels of important nutrients (e.g. anaemia, low vitamin or mineral levels)
  • If you have a history of an illness or condition that might have an effect on your nourishment
  • Your unborn baby is not growing as expected

How?  Your obstetrician or midwife needs to send a referral to the dietetic service.

When?  A dietitian will arrange to meet with you either during your hospital stay or you will be offered an outpatient appointment.

Where? Details will be on your appointment letter which is sent to your home address.

The dietitian will check your weight and height for you, so wear shoes that are easy to take off.