Medical Social Work - Domestic Violence Advice During Covid-19

A special note for expectant women or new Mothers who are experiencing domestic violence.

Pregnancy should be an exciting and special time in a woman's life.  However for women who are experiencing abuse, this is not the case. Pregnancy can be a trigger for domestic abuse and existing abuse may get worse during pregnancy or after giving birth.

The current climate and restrictions in place in respect to Covid-19 will create a strain on many relationships. The normal patterns and routines for many families have now changed with children being out of school/crèche and women and their partners working from home. This may lead to higher levels of stress and tensions. Unfortunately, it may also lead to an increase in incidents of domestic violence or women experiencing domestic violence for the first time. Experiencing domestic violence can be serious risk to the health of mother and unborn baby.

If you or a woman you know are experiencing domestic violence, please be aware that there is dedicated care available to you in the National Maternity Hospital Medical Social Work Department.

Please phone 01 637 3526 for non-judgemental help and support.  We are here to provide emotional support and advise you on your legal rights and protections under The Domestic Violence Act 2018, Women`s Refuges.

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