Neonatology Service for Babies

Breastfeeding gives your baby the best possible start in life as it has lots of benefits for both you and your baby that last a lifetime. However, your baby may be referred baby to the dietitian if there concern about their nutrition or growth.

The dietitian working with the Neonatology Service provides specialist advice on nutrition for babies. The service is provided as individual inpatient or outpatient consultations.  

For whom? Babies with a specific nutritional issue or concern about their growth while in the neonatal unit or attending the outpatient baby clinic under the care of a hospital consultant.

How?  Your baby’s hospital doctor or nurse can refer your baby to the dietitian if there concern about their nutrition or growth.

When?  The dietitian will review your baby either during their hospital stay or will offer an outpatient appointment / consultation.

Where?  If your baby is offered an outpatient appointment, details will be on the appointment letter.

If you are concerned about your baby’s nutrition or growth or if you have questions about feeding your baby after they go home from the hospital, contact your baby’s local public health nurse or GP for advice.  They may be able to refer your baby to a community based dietetic service, or if necessary they may refer your baby to a hospital clinic which may then refer your baby to the hospital dietitian.

The Hospital Dietitian is only available for babies under the care of a hospital consultant and referral can only be accepted from hospital staff.

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Online Information on Nutrition for Babies

HSEBreastfeeding Support. Provides information about breastfeeding for parents and families and includes a section on where to find support in your local area. 
Provides information and advice for parents on pregnancy and the first 3 years of your child's life, including breastfeeding, nutrition and feeding. 


HSEHealth Promotion Unit. 
Provides information on all aspects of health including nutrition and breastfeeding.


Safefood – An all-island body to promote awareness and knowledge of food safety and nutrition issues on the island of Ireland.  Provides information on nutrition for all the family,

food safety and recipes. 


The Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute – the professional organisation for dietitians in Ireland.  

Provides factsheets on nutrition and a list of private dietitians in Ireland.


Department of Health - Healthy Ireland                                                                  

Helathy eating guidelines for all ages and stages.  Daily food guides and information on other aspects of health and wellbeing for all the family.    


First Steps Nutrition Trust 

Public helath nurtition charity (UK based) that provides information ans resoutces to suppourt eating well from pre-conception to five years.  See 'Eating Well Resources' to download a range of information booklets for pregnancy, infants and new mums and early years.                                                                   



For further information, please contact your local Public Health Nurse or Health Centre.
If you need individual dietetic advice, please ask your GP to refer to your local Dietetic Service.