Nutrition & Diabetes

The dietitians working with the diabetes service provide dietary advice and support for women during pregnancy who have diabetes before pregnancy, either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, and for women who develop diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes (GDM)) or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) (high blood glucose (sugar) levels).  

It is essential to go to the Lifestyle Class with the dietitian if you are newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes because your diet is the cornerstone of your treatment.

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Lifestyle Class

Lifestyle Class for women with GDM or IGT during pregnancy – facilitated by a diabetes nurse specialist and dietitian.  This class provides information and support on how to look after GDM and IGT and includes information on understanding GDM and IGT and what to eat.

For whom?  Women diagnosed with GDM or IGT during this pregnancy or during their last pregnancy.

How?  If your blood test shows that you have high blood glucose levels you will be contacted to invite you to attend this class.  If you had GDM or IGT in a previous pregnancy, please contact the dietetic department as soon as you confirm that you are pregnant again to arrange.

When?  Tuesday from 09.30-12.30 hrs.  This is not a ‘drop-in’ class.   Women with GDM or IGT will be given a date for the class.

Where?  65/66 Lower Mount Street (adjacent to main hospital), 2nd Floor Class Room.

Individual Consultations

Individual booked outpatient appointments and inpatient consultations are available.

For whom?  Women with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

How?  When you book into the hospital, the diabetes team will refer you to the dietitian.

When?  Dietetians review women who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes as soon as possible after they book into the hospital and work closely with them throughout their pregnancy.  We will arrange an outpatient appointment or meet with you during your hospital stay.

Where?  Details will be on your appointment letter which is sent to your home address.

Dietitian Review at the Diabetes Clinic

For whom? All women who have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes or who are diagnosed with GDM during pregnancy that have an appointment with a dietitian.

How?  You will be sent an appointment letter with details if it arranged for you to see the dietitian as part of your visit at the clinic.

When?  Friday morning during the diabetes clinic – details will be in the appointment letter.

Where?  Outpatient department of the hospital.