Urogynaecology is a sub specialty of Gynaecology that cares for women with pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor disorders affect the bladder, reproductive organs and bowel. They include urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse and faecal incontinence. These problems are very common and may arise on women of any age. Some pelvic floor disorders, such as prolapse are strongly associated with the effects of pregnancy and childbirth while others, such as overactive bladder, can occur without any obvious risk factor.

The Urogynaecology unit at The National Maternity Hospital is a multidisciplinary service with Consultant Urogynaecologists, Physiotherapists, Continence Advisors and Advanced Midwifery Practitioners working as a team to accurately diagnose and manage pelvic floor disorders.

Patients are referred to the Urogynaecology service by their GP.

Service Providers:

Prof Declan Keane

Dr Gerry Agnew

Clinical nurse specialist (Urodynamics):

Linda Kelly

Clinic details:

Monday- Friday 08:00- 16:00 hrs

Tel: (01) 637 3502 or (01) 637 3504