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Average Length of Cycles: From first day of your period to the first day of your next period. Ranges from: 22 to 44. Leave 28 if unsure.


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I just wanted to send on my praise for the work being done by all the staff at NMH. I had a baby there in September. I was with the domino midwives throughout the pregnancy. The midwives on the team are incredible- so patient, reassuring, friendly and professional. It's an excellent service and the support I received with everything and in particular with breastfeeding has enabled me to exclusively breastfeed this baby. Labour didn't go to plan and it resulted in an emergency C-section but again the team were fantastic, reassuring, explained everything well. In particular, the anaesthetist Dr. Mustafa guided me every step of the way during the procedure, even when things didn't go to plan. Special mention to domino midwives Ivana Lambe and Nicola Kelly and Dr Sadbh, midwife Kitty who really supported me throughout. Thank you all.

Fantastic care and services from everyone involved in my child's birth in National maternity hospital, a midwife named Sadhbh in particular. Extremely helpful and reassuring throughout my whole labour and delivery.

I was a patient of Dr Carroll and from the moment I set foot in the pre labour ward to the labour ward for delivery and the postnatal ward for 3 nights, every staff member I met was truly fantastic and I really appreciate what a vocation it is.  I found everyone so supportive and encouraging both in labour, delivery and when I had difficulties getting Baby to latch afterwards.  It is hard to recall the names of all staff members, Carmel (pre labour) Lisa (labour) Caoimhe, Helen (postnatal), Nora, Fiona, Aisling (Merrion Wing). The current circumstances with Covid 19 pose challenges for everyone but the staff were absolutely fantastic and so supportive which really assisted in both reassuring me in labour before my husband arrived and when I found myself struggling to get to grips with breastfeeding - the encouragement from the ladies to persevere was invaluable.  I really just wanted to express my gratitude for my experience as a first time mom in Holles Street.

My wife Caroline and I wanted to send a message of thanks to the staff of Holles Street for their care and support during and after the birth of our beautiful daughter, Siún was born in June and it was only after she was born that it was discovered she has Down’s Syndrome. This diagnosis was a massive shock, with life-changing consequences for Siún and our whole family. The care we received from the staff in Holles Street throughout the whole experience was exceptional. It began with Dr Cathy Allen, who informed us of Siún’s condition in such a wonderfully sensitive way and talked us through those initial terrifying moments and with our midwife, Lesley-Anne, who gave great support during Siún’s delivery. It continued with the support of all the midwives, nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists who looked after Caroline and Siún in the following few days. A special word of thanks to Dr Lisa McCarthy, our paediatrician, who gave us confidence in a positive future for Siún and to Michelle for her attentiveness and kindness. Finally, a very special thank you must go to Dr Allen who went above and beyond in her support and availability to Caroline. It turned what could have been a very traumatic experience into the joyful one we had hoped it would be. We will be forever grateful.