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The National Maternity Hospital has received an International Breastfeeding Award in recognition of its dedicated lactation programme which promotes, supports and protects breastfeeding. June 2018.







NMH-SVUH Final Agreement

Please click here to read about awards NMH Midwives have received recently.

New Semi-private Clinic

The National Maternity Hospital are delighted to announce that our brand new Semi-Private clinic is open . This clinic can be accessed from the old main hospital entrance on Mount St. For further details about the semi-private option and all patient category options in the hospital, please see Maternity Care Options.

Tobacco Free Campus Policy -  The National Maternity Hospital is a tobacco free campus 

As a health-care organisation, the HSE is committed to promoting the health of patients, staff and visitors. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death and illness and we, as a HSE funded hospital, have an obligation to everyone to address this critical public health issue. In line with the National HSE policy, the three Dublin Maternity Hospitals have become tobacco free campuses from November 2013. This policy covers all areas of the campus including buildings, entrances, doorways, car parks etc. The smoking shelters have been removed from 31st October 2013 and the campus boundary has been marked with a blue line.

The policy applies to all patients, visitors, staff and external contractors. We are not asking employees to stop smoking – however the policy requires employees who smoke to refrain from smoking while on the hospital campus.

In-patients who smoke will also require support to manage their tobacco use while under our care. We will be providing information to all patients about our tobacco free policy prior to admission and providing information regarding the smoking cessation supports available.

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing a person can do to improve their health. Any patient or member of staff that wish to take the opportunity to give up smoking should call the National Smokers' Quitline on Callsave 1850 201 203 for advice on where to find your local HSE Smoking Cessation Counsellor or click on the link below. We will actively support all staff in this regard.

Homebirth Symposium 18th November 2013 - Useful Downloads

The Community Midwives from the National Maternity Hospital hosted a Homebirth Symposium on the 25th of November 2013.  Click on the links in the table below to read more about this successful event.


Home Birth Symposium  Handout
A Mother's Perspective
Planned Homebirths in Ireland - Meaney NPEC 2013
Cork Collaboration - Final Draft