Fitzwilliam Maternity Clinic Fees

Consultant Fees

Semi-Private Consultants Fee: €960
Payable by patient: includes antenatal visits and ultrasound scans.

Accommodation Charges

Single Occupancy room per night:  €1000 (when available)
Multi-occupancy room per night: €813

Day Case: €407 (per day)

Medical Fees

Epidural Anaesthesia: €358
Normal Delivery:  €360
Caesarean Section:  €539

Pathology: €145 - payable by patient after Booking Bloods taken

Your Baby

Babies requiring admission to the neonatal unit take the same patient category as their mother. For this claim to be covered in full, each baby needs to be included on the Mother's policy

Paediatrician – Inpatient check of your baby on the Postnatal Ward: €181 

Special Care Unit per night: €813

*Please note the above fees are subject to change based on your provider and type of cover.