Specialist Maternity Clinics

Women with medical conditions e.g. diabetes, cardiac disease or epilepsy should be seen as early as possible. You will need to visit one of our specialist clinics if you suffer from certain conditions. Please see  further information below on our specialty clinics.

Debriefing after your delivery

Offered to expectant mothers who request discussion on their previous pregnancy and deliveries.

Cardiology and Renal Clinics

Rapid access to Cardiology and Renal clinics in St.Vincents University Hospital.


The  multidisciplinary NMH Diabetes Team includes an Endocrinologist, Obstetricians, Dieticians and Midwives who work together to provide diabetes care to all pregnant women with Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes. The team provide a comprehensive holistic approach to ensure a high quality and safe pregnancy with regular care and support to deal with the range of challenges diabetes women have during pregnancy and post delivery.

Further information is available on the main Diabetes page.

Epilepsy Clinic

Twice monthly clinics led by clinical nurse specialist in epilepsy for expectant mothers.

GUIDE Clinic

Rapid access the Department of Genito Urinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases (GUIDE) clinic in St.James Hospital for mothers with underlying infectious disease.

Haematology Clinic

Weekly Consultant led clinic for mothers with underlying clotting blood disorder.

Hepatology Clinic

Hepatology Consultants visit The National Maternity Hospital to review expectant mothers with liver concerns.

Hypertensive Clinic

Consultant Cardiologist with special interest in hypertension visits fortnightly to review mothers with hypertensive disorders.

Maternal Medical Clinic

This clinic involves pre-conception and antenatal care for women with an underlying comorbidity.

Pain Clinic

Anaesthetic team review expectant mothers, postnatal mothers and non pregnant women regarding pain management.

Preterm Surveillance Clinic
  • Antenatal care for expectant mothers who have had a previous spontanous delivery between 16-34 weeks gestation.
  • Women who had 2 previous cervical surgeries

Consultant Rheumatologist and his team visit monthly to review expectant mothers with underlying rheumatology and related disorders.

Pre-Conception Clinic

Pre-conception Consultants visit fortnightly with relevant specialist clinicians for women with underlying morbidity or previous pregnancy complications.

Teenage Clinic

Combined Consultant and Midwives clinic for expectant mothers under the age of 18 years, with specialist support from multi disiplinary team.

The Poppy Clinic

Postnatal clinic for mothers who suffered a complication during their pregnancy, labour, delivery and postnatal period.

The clinic includes wound management, medical and obsterical review and debriefing.