Postnatal Care For Mother

This section of our website is  under development but hopefully our Postnatal Booklet will provide some of the information you are looking for while we work on updating this page.

The NMH eLearning Hub

Our multidiciplinary team have developed a Guide to help you to care for yourself and your baby after birth. This module was expertly created during COVID19 with the aim of helping to empower you to navigate the first few weeks with your new baby. It is designed to complement the information you receive from your caregiver and your antenatal education classes. 

This module will:

  • Help you prepare you for the first few weeks with your new baby.
  • Give you some insight about what you might expect in those first few weeks.
  • Stress the importance of looking after your own physical and emotional well being following birth.
  • Provide information on basic baby care, including feeding your baby; with comprehensive information on breastfeeding in the early days.