When is my baby due?

Average Length of Cycles: From first day of your period to the first day of your next period. Ranges from: 22 to 44. Leave 28 if unsure.


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Attend today with Dr Myra Fitzpatrick, my first ever experience with this hospital so I was anxious about attending, she was excellent.  She was so reassuring, gentle and kind. It was a very difficult for me as I had my children in a different maternity hospital. Thank you and I certainly be advocating women with concerns to attend as patient care was excellent.  It’s not easy going in, especially for me as totally unknown but I was treated with the upmost dignity, kindness and reassuring care.

I want to extend my thanks to Rosie who provides an excellent service in a most patient-centered and caring manner. Rosie's calm, assured and highly knowledgeable approach makes you feel that any issue you are encountering can be overcome. I am very grateful to her for her help since my baby was only a week old and beyond. 

I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to all the staff who attended my elective c -section.  As it was our first baby we both didn't know what to expect the experience was truly amazing.  The staff kept me so relaxed and ensured my partner was included at all time and informed.  Once baby was out it was only seconds and he was on my chest having skin to skin contact. Dr Muhammad did a fantastic job and my scare is so tidy and healed perfectly.  Also the anaesthesiologist with me was so attentive and ensured I was comfortable throughout the procedure.  Thank you so much to all involved, truly magical day for us. 

Great support and care received during my stay- thank you! Wanted to give a special shout out to Emma, a student midwife on the Merrion Wing who gave amazing breastfeeding support.