When is my baby due?

Average Length of Cycles: From first day of your period to the first day of your next period. Ranges from: 22 to 44. Leave 28 if unsure.

I want to commend the staff for the experience I had delivering my 2nd child. I went into labour at 37+1 and was not quite expecting my daughter's arrival quite so quickly. Everyone in the labour ward kept us so calm that the word I keep coming back to is that I was relaxed during the required c section - an achievement for someone who has a phobia of needles and injections! The communication was top notch and engendered confidence. There were so many people involved that unfortunately I did not catch everyone's name but I truly only have universal praise. I would like to particularly commend 2 staff I met on the Merrion Wing post-natally: midwife Fiona and student midwife Lauren. Both of them went above my expectations in their care for my daughter and me, really getting to know us. I would note Lauren instilled confidence greater than her student status would imply. My recovery from this section was remarkably smooth and this is in no doubt due to my excellent care. Sincere thanks to all.

I gave birth to my little girl via c section in Holles Street and stayed in hospital for 3/4 days afterwards. We met and were cared for by a number of midwives. However, 2 midwives in particular went over and above in their professionalism and care! Their names were Beth and Beatrice. Beth, a midwife and Beatrice, a student midwife that seemed to he mentored by /working alongside Beth. They were both so incredibly kind, wise, patient and empathetic. They both made me feel so important and empowered at such a vulnerable time. They showed such love to my little girl and never made me feel like they were rushing us along. They completed all their checks and paperwork in such a diligent, humane way, never making me feel like this was their only goal, as I experienced from 1 other midwife on duty during 2 nights of my stay. The relationship between them was excellent. Beth seemed like an incredible teacher to Beatrice! So patient, knowledgeable and I could hear her offering guidance and direction in the most affirming way! Beatrice will make a wonderful, fully qualified midwife. She is so diligent and clearly absolutely loves what she does and has such a grá for babies and caring for others. An unbelievable team! And I really want them to know how talented they are at what they do and both myself and my partner Andy will forever remember the compassion they showed us.