Your Hospital Bag

The following are list of suggested items to bring with you for your stay in hospital. It is a good idea to have a bag ready with these things some time before your due date, in case you have to leave the house in a hurry. Please also bring your completed 'My Medicines and Supplements' leaflet, detailing all medications and supplements that you take.

There is limited storage available within the hospital, so if possible, try to  keep personal items to a minimum. Leave bigger bag in the car until after baby has delivered.


 Labour ward bag

  • Comfie nightie for labour
  • Light dressing gown
  • Flip flops (for shower)
  • Comfortable slippers
  • Toiletries, face cloth, shower cap
  • Towel
  • Gym ball (leave in car until needed)
  • Massage oils e.g. lavender/electric essential oil diffuser (if desired)
  • Preferred music/ipod/docking station
  •  Spare underwear (2 or 3 pairs)
  • Snacks for you and partner
  • Spare batteries (if using Tens machine)
  • Change for parking or register through phone on
  •  Ziplock bag with 2 nappies, babygro and vest inside.


Your bag for the postnatal ward

  • Night wear
  • Supportive breast feeding bra
  • Breast pads
  • Maternity pads-at least 2 packs (not plastic backed). Have more at home which can be brought in.
  • Comfortable, high waisted, large fitting knickers (disposable knickers can be very tight and tear easily)- approx 10 pairs
  • 2 towels-preferably not new and dark coloured.
  • Phone  charger


  • A packet of disposable nappies
  • Cotton wool/baby wipes (suitable for new born)
  • 5 vests
  • 5 baby gros
  • Cardigan
  • 2 towels

The following should be brought in on your day of discharge for baby going home:

  • Approved car seat
  • Cardigan
  • Warm outfit (depending on weather)
  • Hat
  • Blanket