For some couples, conceiving a child is relatively simple. Others may need a few extra steps to reach their final goal. Our team of fertility specialists work with couples to help them understand the steps involved and to work towards achieving the goal of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Anyone who wishes to have an appointment needs to send a referral letter from their GP. This should include all relevant details including test results. The letter will be reviewed by the fertility clinic staff and an appointment will be forwarded. General information about fertility will also be sent out. If any tests are required e.g hormone tests, semen analysis, ultrasound and/or smear test, the couple will be informed how to organise these prior to the visit.

Screening Tests and Analysis

Screening tests for the woman include day 3 FSH and LH, midluteal progesterone, prolactin, rubella, and an up to date smear. GPs should forward actual blood test results rather than just stating that they are "normal". Men should have a semen analysis at Merrion Fertility Clinic. 

Guidelines for Referral

Any couple who have been trying to conceive for a minimum of 12 months. The female partner must be less than 43 years. Any woman with PCOS or other fertility related gynaecological condition e.g.endometriosis.

Gynaecology Clinics

Merrion Fertility Clinic

Merrion Fertility Clinic was established in 1998 by Prof Mary Wingfield and other fellow Doctors at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin. Since then the clinic has gained a reputation as a leading IVF clinic in Ireland, providing treatment cycles for hundreds of couples every year and achieving pregnancy rates above the internationally recognised norms.

Merrion Fertility Clinic is unique in that our close links with the National Maternity Hospital ensure that our patients have the full support services of a respected maternity hospital. Merrion Fertility Clinic Doctors are also staff of the hospital and can provide surgery and pregnancy care if required.

 Although a fee-paying facility, Merrion Fertility Clinic is a non-profit making charitable organization, any profits are reinvested back into improving clinic services and facilities.