Semi-Private Maternity Care

Welcome to the Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Clinic at The National Maternity Hospital

The Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Clinic at The National Maternity Hospital is a Consultant led antenatal clinic. It is located at The National Maternity Hospital (entrance via Mount Street).

There are 8 Consultants and a Specialist Registrar in our Semi-Private Clinic. Please see here for a list of their clinic days and times.

This clinic is suitable for all women, whether you have a normal, medium or high-risk pregnancy (supported, assisted and specialised pathways).

Please note, if you have a high-risk pregnancy you will have some or all of your antenatal visits in a specialist clinic in The National Maternity Hospital, however you can still book your pregnancy with the Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Clinic.

Information on Semi-Private Care:

  • Antenatal appointments are shared between your chosen Consultant or Specialist Registrar and your GP. Please see guide to your antenatal visits here. Your GP will see you for your six-week postnatal check-up unless you have been requested to attend the hospital.
  • You will see your chosen obstetrician for most of your visits except when they are on leave or tending to an emergency. On these occasions you will be seen by another Consultant or Specialist Registrar.
  • You will also see a midwife at each visit.
  • You will have your 12-week dating scan and anatomy scan at 20-22 weeks in Merrion Ultrasound. You will also have a bedside fetal wellbeing scan by your Consultant at every visit as well as any additional ultrasounds prescribed by your Consultant.
  • You will have your baby in The National Maternity Hospital.
  • If you are admitted to hospital before labour, your care will be provided by the midwives and the obstetric team of the day with guidance and consultation from the on call Consultant Obstetrician.
  • The Midwives on the Labour and Birthing Unit will care for you during labour. If medical assistance is required, it will be provided by the obstetric team of the day with guidance and consultation from the on-call Consultant Obstetrician.
  • If you choose to avail of epidural pain relief, this will usually be administered by a Consultant Anaesthetist.
  • Following birth your postnatal care will be by the Midwives. If you require medical assistance postnatally, this will be provided by the obstetric team of the day with guidance and consultation from the on call Consultant Obstetrician.
  • Your postnatal stay will be on the five-bed Fitzwilliam Semi-Private ward, unless a bed is unavailable on the ward at this time. If this is the case, you will be accommodated in the Holles Wing public postnatal ward until a semi-private bed becomes available. 
  • Your baby’s day two physical examination is carried out by the Consultant Paediatrician on duty.

Benefits of choosing Semi-Private Care:

  • Continuity of carer - you will be seen by the same Obstetrician for your visits except when the Obstetrician is on leave or tending to an emergency.
  • Seven antenatal visits with your chosen Consultant/Specialist Registrar in the Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Clinic located at the National Maternity Hospital.
  • Dating and Anomaly scans in the private setting of Merrion Ultrasound at 60 Lower Mount Street, conveniently located next to the Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Clinic. Merrion Ultrasound Clinic is unique from other existing private ultrasound services in that it is a medically led and sonographer facilitated.  Merrion Ultrasound clinic offers a high level of comfort and privacy. 42″ screens in each ultrasound room allow you and your partner to see your scan clearly and in complete comfort.
  • Cost of dating and anatomy scan included in the price of your care package.
  • Fetal wellbeing ultrasound scan at each visit with your Consultant/Specialist Registrar.
  • Accommodation following birth in the Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Postnatal Ward (subject to availability) Each five bed ward has its own bathroom with toilet and shower. There is also potential to avail of a private room in the Merrion Wing subject to your insurance cover and if this is available. 
  • Epidural if availed of, is usually administered by a Consultant Anaesthetist.
  • Your baby’s Day two physical examination carried out by a Consultant Paediatrician.

Semi-Private Fees and Charges

Please visit our Hospital Fees and charges page for all Semi-Private Fees and Charges


To book your pregnancy with the Fitzwilliam Semi-private Clinic, you can book online or contact the Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Clinic directly:

Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 16:30hrs
Tel: (01) 637 3537 (01) 637 3580 (01) 637 3581

Do try and book early if you have a particular Consultant you wish to see to avoid disappointment.

Please find below Fitzwilliam Semi-Private Clinic days, times and Consultants and Specialist Registrars attending.