Semi-Private Care Options

Welcome to The Fitzwilliam Maternity Clinic

If you choose semi-private care, you will be seen by a nominated Obstetrician and/or their team for your antenatal visits at the clinic. 

Visits will alternate with your GP under the combined care scheme and your GP will see you for your six week postnatal check-up unless you have been requested to attend the hospital.

Benefits of choosing Semi-Private Care

  • Continuity of care, flexibility of combined care
  • Seven antenatal visits with nominated consultant and/or their team
  • Familiarity of GP

Please find to follow the list of our Consultants and the days they attend the clinic:

Do try and book early if you have a particular consultant you wish to see to avoid disappointment.

Please note that all semi-private clinics are held in the afternoons apart from Friday when the clinics take place in the morning.

Day Consultant

Dr Rhona Mahony
Dr David Crosby


Dr Gerry Agnew
Dr Clare O'Connor


Dr Nita Adnan
Dr Michael Robson


Dr Stephen Carroll
Dr Meabh Horan


Dr Ciara McCormick (Assistant Master)

Outline guide to your appointments:

  • 12-14 wks gestation: your initial booking will be with a Midwife who will take your booking bloods and medical history. You will also have an ultrasound scan at this appointment. Appointments are available Monday – Thursday from 08.30 to 11.00hrs.
  • 16-18 weeks gestation: Obstetrician visit
  • 20-22 weeks gestation: Your Anomaly Scan (20-22 weeks) will take place in Merrion Fetal Health (included in your fees).
  • 24 weeks gestation: GP visit
  • 28 weeks gestation: Obstetrician visit
  • 30 weeks gestation: GP visit
  • 32 weeks gestation: Obstetrician visit
  • 34 weeks gestation: GP visit
  • 36 weeks gestation: Obstetrician visit
  • 37 weeks gestation: GP visit
  • 38 weeks gestation: Obstetrician visit
  • 39 weeks gestation: GP visit
  • 40 weeks gestation: Obstetrician visit
  • 41 weeks gestation: Obstetrician visit

Your care during labour and birth

If you are admitted to hospital before labour, your care will be under the supervision of the Obstetrician on duty that day.  Similarly, your care in labour and also in the postnatal period will be under the supervision of the Obstetrician on duty that day.

Booking in

To book in with the Semi-private Fitzwilliam Maternity Clinic, you can book online or contact the clinic directly.

Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 16:30hrs
Tel: (01) 637 3537 (01) 637 3580 (01) 637 3581

Book Online

Please note: You are liable for all fees and charges as a semi-private patient, so please check with your Health Insurance Providor to ensure you are covered for all costs.

Please email us any queries or to let us know if you are unable to attend your appointment; we can then offer it to someone else and give you another one.